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Saturday, 27 October 2012


They love making threats at

In my one of my recent posts, I questioned who exactly is behind the forum and who the main contributors are, and said that they will be 'outed' soon.

I can only assume that this is what prompted the following 'announcement' on the forum:

This forum will not hesitate to act when there has been a breach of internet security. If that breach includes personal accounts of its administrators and their families that would be very serious indeed. And action is being taken.

It is not clear who they have reported it to. The police? MI5? Or perhaps even 007?

More seriously, I do find it quite offensive that they think that I must have broken the law to work out who is behind the forum. Because I haven't. And wouldn't. How stupid do they think I am?

But the double standards which are at work here defy belief.

This is the forum that banned me for trying to do no more than play devil's advocate and have a reasonable debate.

They tried to prevent me from even viewing the site.

They do not deny that key contributors also have administration rights, in effect enabling them to ban people whose views they do not like.

They allow defamatory remarks to be posted about people.

They have bullied a BBC local radio presenter for disagreeing with them on Twitter.

They make frequent and repeated remarks about a BBC local radio journalist who has disagreed with them.

And they have done all of this behind the cloak of anonymity.

Well, not for much longer....

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