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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Forums are popular, right? Er....

Most forums have people that post who are more prolific than others.

But at the BBC local radio forum, three quarters of the posts have been made by just four people!

Indeed, 1,700 of the 2,700 posts have been made by just two people. Yes, you read that right. Just TWO people.Yet it still claims to be representative of the views of listeners.

This pair of serial posters go under the pseudonyms 'Darcysarto' and 'Tiger'. They frequently agree. In fact, they usually agree. Now, it would be an absolute outrage if one or other of them also masqueraded as the administrator as well, wouldn't it? This would give them the power to ban people from the forum if something is posted that they did not agree with. It would be a complete conflict of interest, and be totally against the spirit of a forum for debate. Surely that would not happen, would it? Shame on anyone who would ever suggest that....

This underpopulated forum likes to think it has a bit of a power and influence. Darcy and Tiger are regularly bothering the Director General and other senior people within the BBC, giving their views on anything that takes their fancy. Often with little evidence to back up their view. As I shall demonstrate....

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